Ankle Pain

Ankle injuries can occur from something as simple as walking on a footpath through to intense physical exercise. A highly common form of injury, an ankle sprain can involve both the medial (inside) and the lateral (outside) ligaments of the ankle.

A sprain arises when ligaments are overstretched resulting in partial tears or complete ruptured. Ankle pain may also result from fractures, dislocations or dysfunctions in muscle tendons.  Mobile physiotherapy will allow for diagnosing the type of injury and it’s severity before providing the most suitable course of action.


Your Physiotherapist will conduct a thorough examination on your ankle as well as its surrounding areas to determine the type and extent of injury.

A range of tests may include sensation, specific ranges of motion and strength tests. If there is a suspected ankle sprain your mobile physiotherapist will determine which ligaments are damaged.  Your response to these tests and pain experienced provide important clues as to the type, location and severity of your ankle injury. From here a treatment plan can be carried out.


Before your mobile physiotherapy session, it is advised to refrain from activity, keep the ankle elevated and apply ice intermittently. After a thorough assessment and detailed explanation of your condition our physio will proceed with providing treatment that may involve;

  • Explanation on your injury and estimated time of recovery
  • Management of swelling and pain of the ankle joint
  • Bracing, taping, compression & ice therapy
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises to promote and maintain function
  • Proprioception exercises to restore balance which will help prevent re-injury
  • Dry needling
  • Orthotics prescription
  • Referral if needed (such as recommending an X-ray if your physio suspects a fracture during their assessment).

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