About Us

The Problem

 In today’s age it can be a time consuming ordeal to seek, travel to, and then travel back from an appointment. You might be relying on a friend, family member, public transport, or even forcing yourself more than you need, to obtain quality physiotherapy and massage.

To make matters more difficult, which therapist will you see? Are they amazing at what they do?

Our Solution

 We take the often complicated aspects of “when”, “where”, “how” and “who” out of your list of concerns associated with physiotherapy and massage treatments.

At Physits we make time for you and travel to a location of your choice. Our therapists have three major things in common; great character, knowledge and skill and that is what we deliver in every booking.

About Physits

Established in recent 2016 with not-so-recent industry experience, we set the benchmark for quality and convenience. We take pride in our diverse network of professionals and have treated both simple and complex conditions in people of all ages and backgrounds.

What can we do for you? We’ll provide a seamless health experience and help you achieve your unique definition of optimal wellbeing.

Meet the Founders

Richard Lan


An avid enthusiast for health and tech, Richard was fortunate enough to see the silver lining in sustaining a not-so-fortunate amount of sporting injuries. Having been on both ends of the physio spectrum, his personal experience with mild sprains, fractured bones and surgery lead him to realize his belief in the many benefits of quality healthcare at home. This resulted in his pursuit for a career in physiotherapy and ultimately the co-founding of Physits. Richard’s time is spent developing Physits, growing our network of professionals and helping you to achieve your health goals.

Toni Andary


An experienced physiotherapist, ongoing educator at Sydney Uni and Chair of the APA’s National Professional Standards Panel, Toni is an advocate for living the healthiest and highest quality of life possible. With 13 years experience, Toni has an interest in areas such as ergonomics, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, occupational health, orthopaedics, pain management and sports physiotherapy. Toni balances his time growing Physits, treating complex conditions, teaching our future physios, and contributing to the APA’s National Advisory Council. Toni’s goal is to make quality physiotherapy accessible to everyone. 

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